Change is the only constant in life. Everything changes, and so is the taste and choice of a human being. This is true when we see other people’s homes. This doesn’t need an explanation because several homeowners appreciate the services of home renovation contractors very much. This desire to have a home look changed often has led to several basement remodelling companies in Oakville and Mississauga. However, when it comes to rendering credible, reliable and quality service at an affordable price, Best Renos ranks amongst the top ones.

At Best Renos, we take pride in providing basement remodels solutions that are top-notch and customized to meet individual client’s taste. Our service covers all the major parts of GTA and Milton, and you can rely on our quality service. Over the years, we have maintained a magical level of workmanship and have established trust among our loyal customers. Our excellent team of technicians, experts, and engineers are very dedicated, sincere, and always strive to deliver the best result to our clients.


Basement remodelling services require a professional approach and not just what anyone could do. The task needs a lot of expertise and a professional’s ability, and that’s why at Best Renos, we have technicians who will handle your basement remodelling perfectly. They are capable of turning your design into reality if they are feasible. Besides, you can be assured that we will provide a professional, reliable and affordable transformation of your basement to impact the entire house’s look impressively. All our experts possess massive basement remodelling experience that has enriched them with the likely outcome of a project, and this offers you a successful execution of your basement remodelling.

You have unlimited options to choose from while dealing with a finished remodelling Company. You can either choose to make a few design changes or remodel your basement. In case you decide to have any of the options carried out by a reputable company, you can depend on Best Renos for high-quality basement remodelling service at a price you can afford. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service so that each of our customers is satisfied with the remodelling work once it’s completed.

Even though there are several other contractors out there, it would be hard to find one that provides the blend of professionalism, inexpensive pricing, and quality that we provide. We can handle all facet of basement remodelling projects, including adding walls, removing walls, updating the lighting, updating flooring, adding bathrooms, updating ceilings, painting and anything else you need.

If you desire to have the best basement remodelling service and a great price, schedule a free consultation with us today, and we’d be glad to be your go-to remodelling company.

Why should I remodel my basement?

Your basement is many more things full of potentials. You can transform your basement into a living space. Basement remodelling increases your property’s functionality and value by adding a wet bar, home theatre, kids’ gaming room, tenant room, and anything that fits your family’s lifestyle.

Can I do the basement remodelling myself?

If your basement is nearly-finished, then DIY is really a cool and money-saving option. It offers you an excellent foundation for future basement, finishing by setting you up with drywall, electrical, and plumbing. With a rigid foundation, you can work on it on your own or call Best Renos to build the specific rooms you want.

How soon the basement remodelling work starts after we sign up the contract?

Generally, the basement remodelling will begin within two weeks of the contract signing date. Our experts need at least two weeks to get permission from local authorities for your basement remodelling and finalize design plans.

How long does it take to finish or remodel a basement?

The answer is subjective and depends on the size and scope of the project. However, on average, our basement remodelling contractors in GTA takes around two to three months from beginning to end. Some large projects can also take up to six months to get completed.